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16 Dec 2014

Handshakes are Important!

Handshakes are Important!

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When you are out interviewing, one of the most important signs of trust is a good handshake. Iowa Works offers some great information about the Dos and Don'ts of handshakes:

Handshakes are a sign of trust and help build strong relationships. Prospective employers are more likely to overlook visible body piercings and tattoos than ineffective handshakes. In addition, people are twice as likely to remember you when introduced with a handshake than if you didn't shake hands.

Three steps to a proper handshake:

1. As you're approaching someone, extend your right arm when you're about three feet away. Slightly angle your arm across your chest, with your thumb pointing up.

2. Lock hands, thumb joint to thumb joint. Then, firmly clasp the other person's hand--without any bone crushing or macho posturing.

 3. Pump the other person's hand two to three times and let go.

Handshakes to Avoid:

1. The "macho cowboy"...is the almost bone-crunching clasp many people use to shake hands. What are they trying to prove, anyway? There's no need to demonstrate your physical strength when shaking another person's hand.

2. The wimp...is usually delivered as though you are afraid to hurt someone. This one shows a complete lack of confidence or respect for the other person.

So, be firm and confident when meeting a prospective employer! You want your impression to last!

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