Mural By Distinguished Artist Will Bridge Historical Contribution With Present-Day Collaborations

In partnership with the City of Sioux City, J&L Staffing and Recruiting, Inc. is excited to announce their collaboration with artist Royyal Dog in creating a three-story mural on the exterior of their building, located at 219 W. 7th. Royyal Dog, an internationally distinguished graffiti artist, has begun working on the mural that is slated to be completed by October 10th, 2021.

With his photorealistic style and depictions of hope and harmony among cultures, Royyal Dog’s inspirational messages fit in perfectly with the ambitions of those who first developed the West 7th Corridor as well the optimism of those who currently live and work there. Not only will the mural depict three girls in colorful hanbok dresses, it will also celebrate the African American, Southeast Asian and Jewish communities and businesses that have made their home in the West 7th Street Corridor. Incorporated within the design will be blossoms of the compass flower, Sioux City’s official bloom. This will be the second of several murals to be painted by artists in the area.

J&L is not only honored to have their building façade represent the incredible diversity and historical importance of the corridor, they also consider the installation a representation of their own business model’s inclusion of all ethnicities and cultures.

Royyal Dog begins the initial sketch on October 1st, 2021


“Creating more awareness of the cultures and people that contributed to Sioux City’s history is something that is important to us as a business, as employers, and as community members,” said Kevin Wolff, Marketing Director, J&L Staffing and Recruiting. “Our building becoming a canvas for Royyal Dog’s incredible art is an honor and we really hope this work will highlight their contributions in history and their continued gifts today.”

As part of the façade improvement portion of the West 7th Corridor Improvement Project, funding for these murals has been provided in part by the Gilchrest Foundation and Missouri River Historical Development. J&L is grateful to those organizations and to the City of Sioux City for their partnership and opportunity.

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