New Mural Underway by Internationally Renowned Artist at 219 West 7th Street

For Immediate Release
September 29, 2021

The City of Sioux City is proud to announce a partnership between the owner of 219
West 7th Street (J & L Staffing and Recruiting), the City of Sioux City, and artist Royyal
Dog which has resulted in the development of a new mural within the West 7th Street
Corridor. Royyal Dog is an internationally renowned graffiti artist known for his
inspirational murals sharing a message of hope and harmony between cultures.
Bridging east and west, Royyal Dog is best known for his photorealistic and effortless
aerosol paintings of Western women wearing traditional Korean hanbok dresses.

The mural to be located at 219 West 7th Street will depict three girls who represent the
African American, Southeast Asian, and Jewish communities and businesses that have
made their home in the West 7th Street Corridor over the years. The girls will be clad in
colorful hanbok dresses, which is attire for celebrations and other festive occasions. In
the mural’s background are blossoms of Sioux City’s official flower, the Compass flower.
The artwork will be hand-painted by the artist using premium aerosol paint. Royyal Dog
will begin work on the mural on October 1st.

Funding for this exciting latest improvement on West 7th Street has been provided by
the Gilchrist Foundation and Missouri River Historical Development. The City of Sioux
City and J & L Staffing and Recruiting very much appreciate this funding and would like
to publicly recognize both entities. Special thanks to the Siouxland Chamber Foundation
as well for acting as the fiscal agent for the Gilchrist Foundation grant.

Throughout the last several years millions of dollars have been invested on West 7th
Street, between Wesley Parkway and Hamilton Boulevard, through a complete street
reconstruction and façade improvement program. This mural is the second of several
that will be installed throughout the West 7th Street Corridor to further improve the
aesthetics of the area. The next murals to be installed in the spring will be completed by
local artists. For more information, contact Jill M. Wanderscheid at 712-224-5136 or
[email protected].

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